Be grateful

Recognition is one strong motivator for people working in teams. By installing Gratitude-thnx in Slack you could trace what you thank your colleagues for, so they can get good feedback on daily basis. It can help team members to improve social skills and build up their relationships.

Why use our platform


Its essence is digitalising gratitude and recognition peer to peer.


The platform saves all the gratitude you receive, so you can get a view of your relationships with your teammates.


You will see a general view of the relationships, what members relate more to other ones, what members do not interchange gratitude, so you can make changes to improve team building.


It is configurable: you can use Gratitude increments (@user ++) or merit money (@user 10 gratecoins). You can set up whether decreasing is allowed.


The platform is available in Slack, but it will have integrations with HipChat, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, Travis and any other one you can imagine because we designed it to be API first.


There will be advanced dashboards available where you will be able to see rankings, i.e. who gave the most gratitude, or who received the most gratitude, temperature maps on the relationships between the team members.

How it works

It's easy: you sign up, install the bot in slack, invite it to a channel and it will do the rest of the work.You just need to mention the person you want to show gratitude and add ++to increment in one your gratitude towards them.If they almost saved your life, you can show much more gratitude adding '+': @user+++++++++++. 10 gratitude points would be added to them.As an admin you will see all the information that the bot is gathering, so you better understand how your team works.